“Afterall, you are still here on Earth and living life amongst others who are looking at “you” and your body and have a wide range of levels of delusions that they may be projecting on it, [that they] are most likely unaware of, from expectations to attractions, aversions, perversions, hatreds, ignorance, lust, ego-ism and the like.

You name a delusion and someone out there has it ready and waiting to yell or parade it in front of you at any given moment in a futile attempt to soothe their misery of attachment to their own misery or to recruit you in helping them to carry around something that they do not want to begin with.

On top of this, many of these people may be your family members if you kept them around, co-workers if you work with others, or even your friends if you have any, and in your deep dispassion for the theatrics of Maya, you don’t even want to play their game, if not for anything else, just simply out of compassion alone.”

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