Heart Chakra Awareness | Dharana/Concentration Exercise Day 4

Continuing from your homework/assignment that began in our Week 52 Reflections, today’s practice is a guided Dharana (Concentration) exercise involving the Heart/Anahata Chakra.

The Assignment

Please ensure that you set aside at least 15 minutes to complete the exercise. Your 15 minutes should involve (approximately):

  • 5 minutes for preparation
  • 5 minutes to listen to the prompt
  • 5 minutes to journal

Perform this activity with your spine erect and ensure that you are in a noise/distraction-free environment where you can fully focus/concentrate.

Strive to perform all parts of this practice at the same time each day for the full week requested if possible (remember that the assignment concludes on the 7th day and that we focus on one chakra per day).

Once you have completed the exercise as outlined, you may choose to expand upon this exercise by incorporating your own desired Mudras (such as the Yoni Mudra, etc), incorporating breath control and Kumbhakas if you wish, and/or using the blueprint layed out in the 5 minute practice to perform concentration on a desired mantra of your creation or choice moving forward.

This exercise is simply a quick and easy way to get you started on developing awareness of/in the different energy centers of your body, and observing what is revealed through them in your practice using your focus/concentration/intention as your primary tools.

Remain neutral and simply observe.

Useful Preparatory Reading

Energy Care | The Channels Of The Body & The Pranic Energy System

Thank you for participating.

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