A billion followers, “friends,” or anything else (even those claiming to “love” what you represent to/for their ego within the illusions of Maya), can never have as much power to heal, transform, uplift, strengthen, enlighten, fulfill, and/or sustain “you” as tapping into the pure and infinite well spring of True Love within your Self that makes all things possible…a Love that purely reflects who you really are. Your Love alone is more than sufficient for providing “you” with all that is wanted and “needed” in this world. And you, alone, are more than enough to give yourself all that you need. Billions of anything can never compare.

You are already a complete and abundant being who has the resources and power to provide yourself with the fulfillment, Love, joy, and whatever else that you (could/can) desire, or imagine…riches that no amount of objects (tangible or intangible) can truly give you.

Again, you are infinite power and transformative Love manifested (and so is “everyone else”). Never “sell yourself short” by tying your worth, your value, your happiness, your anything to the fleeting scraps of mediocre objects and expressions within Maya that bind you to body-mind-ego identification (gratification or fear) and confine or define you as a thing or a “some body/somebody” in this world.

You are no thing; you are no body.

No expression nor experience defines you.

And this is crucial to understand if you want to truly be liberated from ignorance and suffering in this lifetime.

A Reminder Of Who You Are

The Self, is untouched, unbounded, unaffected by all form and projected experience. The Self–that which illuminates all things and makes all things possible–cannot be known/limited (no matter how favorable any expression may appear to be to certain egos at any given time in history) by looking at its reflections, which are shaped by the shape of any given body-mind that is manifested into the world and its relationship to the changing/socially constructed version of reality sustained by collective egos.

Do not look for the True Self in anyone’s actions, thoughts, words, etc (Karmas), all of these things are appearances (sometimes close reflections–depending on a being’s purity of being, which represents a dissolution of the ego–but never the Absolute Truth, especially since you cannot see every little detail of manifested existence with the human brain, you can only Know the full Reality of “all that is” by looking beyond the mind/body perceptive vehicle). Look beyond appearances to what is, and will always be…and when you do, you see only one Truth shining forth: that you and “they,” and “all that is,” is one. This one is who you are.

The fact that most are lost in body-mind-ego identification does not change the Truth, but understanding that this is occurring makes it easier to navigate in this world in which a false-sense-of identity causes people to engage in all kinds of destructive Karmas that violate others’ (and their) manifest right to exist and change without oppression within physical expression.

Do not be concerned about whether or not anyone else “gets it”…To even just the smallest extent, everyone knows what is True since they know, if nothing else, that they exist. Their being covered with layers of ego body-mind costumes, and their only paying attention to the roles that they play within Maya (which gets them lost and confused about who they are) is irrelevant to the Truth. All of these things can be cleared when a person begins to sincerely search for him/her/they Self and is ready to drop their act of living out the drama of the pursuit of trinkets to decorate their costume in the world (or to cry about how they don’t have any/enough trinkets). Everyone can learn to simply settle into their whole and complete Self; the costumes are irrelevant since, at our core, everyone is essentially the same infinite unbounded light of awareness (and more).

Enjoy your play. And when you have matured enough and had enough of the non-sense, remember that you were/are never not who you Truly are.

When you are ready to dissolve your roles/costumes, know that there are infinitely useful methodologies for “waking up,” and “coming back” to Reality and to your Self, and the Yogic Eightfold Path is one of them.

Thank you for reading.

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