Your practice does not have to be “perfect” at all times; it simply has to remain consistent.

This week, we continued to focus on stressing out about less (and to a greater degree than before) and your task was to observe yourself at all times in order to effectively gage whether your thoughts, words, actions (and the resulting physical effects of them), were in alignment with your goal of creating peace within and around you.

How did you do?

It is inevitable that you may have had a few stressful moments here and there as you get better at your practice, but if you stayed on task at all (or at most) times, you likely found that your stress levels decreased significantly overall. And, you may have further found that when/if you “slipped up” and continued practicing afterward at any time, you learned something that was useful for moving forward and making progress on your journey. There is no wasted effort or experience when you are sincerely practicing.

This is simply because practicing works.

In fact, practicing is the only true way to guarantee that you will develop the necessary skill to make peace a consistent part of your life and being.

As you continue to work on managing your stress levels starting with the thoughts that you are generated within you, you will become more equanimous over time, and find that the constant noises and disturbances of the world do not bother you as much since your ego (which will naturally soften) responds less and less to these disturbances.

Continue to observe your inner and outer world neutrally. From this space, you will be better equip to come into your full presence and, therefore, settle into, your higher expression and into true peace in time.

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