Self-Surrender begins with the understanding that you are not here to live for “yourself,” any one person (so do not allow any delusional overblown ego-fueled narcopath tell you otherwise), nor anything else here in physical form (from ideologies, to “riches,” and so forth). You are here simply for, and to expand, the experience of all that is.

Once you understand this fully, you can then let go of your overidentification with the ego-centric delusion that life is simply/only for “you” to live (for the “you” in your temporary, limited, fleeting form–to simply serve yourself and enjoy), which naturally supports you to then give back what is borrowed and what was granted the conditions to manifest in form from/by the Absolute (ie. your body that was borrowed from elemental form to the skills, objects, learnings, “wealth,” strength, time, and so forth that you accumulate) back to the Absolute and to all that is (your unbounded Self), without desperately and pathetically hoarding these temporary things and falsely overidentifying with them as “who you are,” or only for “you” in your limited form and delusional ego/animal drive for body-mind gratification/satiation.

Self-surrender is, to put it another way, an elevated form of Asteya/non-stealing.

What did “you” (in your limited expression) create from pure elemental form before elemental form existed, beautiful Creator?

If you are honest, you will say nothing. No one here, not one body-mind (and certainly no ego) created anything that did not get borrowed from all that was created from by/the Source of all Creation. Not even your creative powers, or intellect, or your breath, are yours, they are simply gifted (as the fictional/biblical characters, Adam and Eve, were probably the first to learn in some schools of thought, another character, Job, certainly learned in his time, and some reading this will learn over and over again in their own lifetimes).

Treat every”thing” that you have as if it is only in your temporary care until it is returned to the Source, and take care to do no harm (Ahimsa).

What is given should be sheltered under your loving protection and preserved (which always ultimately benefits you), multiplied, and/or made “better” for the one Absolute Source who “owns” it, and, will “take it back.” This includes everything from your experiences, to your relationships, to the planet, to your accomplishments, and accumulations, to your pain. Never arrogantly behave as if you own anything Absolutely, although some things are exclusively in your primary care in relation to distinct “other” human beings, for example, your body, because everything belongs to the Absolute at its core. This is how I relate to my cat (whom I adore—and probably who best taught me this lesson), which is why she and I have such a safe, healthy, and loving relationship that feels like an infinite blessing.

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