True Love is unconditional, not bound to a specific person(a), place, nor thing.

Love just is…non specific, and not directed in any way for any particular purpose/reason.

Reflecting the nature of the Self, and pure consciousness itself, Love is infinite and eternal.

But, distilled through the ego, “love” is distorted in ways that are preferential, stingy, greedy/possessive, and unkind.

Love for something or someone specific binds you to pathetically distill a warped projection of “love” via “affection” in words, thoughts and actions to things that you perceive to be “yours” or good for/to “you” (your “family,” your “class,” your “race,” your latest “love interest” or “lover”) for a transactional aim to suite your ego-body-mind, and/or to maintain the ego of others, only keeping you and “them” bound together in karmic misery.

This type of distorted expression of “love,” which withholds and dishes out what it perceives to be a precious and valuable resource–as if giving out free candy for the best costumes at Halloween–is a form of bondage in the world.

When operating from your ego, “you” “love” this person or the other (who gives you one thing or another), you “love” “types” of people (who serve your ego, body, and/or the obsessions, attachments, or delusions in your mind), you “love” this thing or other (that brings you temporary pleasure), and “you” “love” in this way until the things that you “love” no longer suit your needs; then you discard what you can no longer squeeze pleasure out of for another supply.

Many, behaving like empty narcissists, go searching for validation of their worldly “identity” and value from/through others, like vampires looking for their next prey to drain some precious “love” from, leaving their victims empty and depleted, or worst, converting others into “love” draining vampires as well, perpetuating vicious cycles of depravity all across the world.

You Are Not A Vampire…You Can Supply Your Own Love

When you are infinitely expressing your nature as Love itself, overflowing with Love in abundance, the type of vampiric desperation and depravity described above is not present within you.

While the ego is a lead facet, toxically flowing contaminated waters and offering it for life-force energy, holding back what it perceives to be a precious resource when it aims to “punish” others for not giving it what it wants/craves, the True Self is a pure glacial spring.

And, simply put, no one wants, nor needs, another’s ego “love,” something that is toxic and deadly, in the same way that no one needs, nor benefits from, lead contaminated water.

Tap Into Your Wellspring Of Love

In each of our hearts is a wellspring of pure Love overflowing (or waiting to flow if, for any reason, you have a blockage).

Fill yourself up with the pure eternal Love called being itself, and let the waters run freely into all of creation. This Love is more than enough to fill you and all of eternity. Your Nature, grounded in abundance, and never thirsty for that which you already possess, is infinite and in excess.

Let your Love flow for its sake only, for your expression only, for your pure being and nothing else. No need to direct this Love at anyone or anything specific, but if you do, let it be directed at existence and all that is (call it “God,” the Creator, Source, Krishna, or what you wish-it has no fixed name). Flood the fields, and let Creation do the rest to connect your Love to all that is good to grow in your life and in the world.

Wash your ego away, and let your Self be free, unbounded and untouched by anyone or anything. Love freely since you have it purely and in abundance. This bank account cannot be depleted, instead, it only multiples with spending.

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