Week 15: Check-in | On Reincarnation And Rebirth

Experience, with no judgement of good nor bad, in action, and at rest, is a valuable teacher.

It allows us to discern truths from untruths by developing knowledge of ourselves and the world. And it allows us to understand, with the depth of our being, whether we are, or are not, on the best path for us in every given moment.

It also simultaneously has the potential to make us brand new as well depending on the depth of our understanding of our experience itself, and our state/level of conscious awareness.

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Week 14: Check-In | Some Points On Self-Reflection And Self-Expression (Moving From Distinguished To Undistinguished Samadhi In Yoga)

Looking at (pun accepted) the selfie as a product, and a tool, in our society is a good way to better understand how ego-overidentification and solidification works.

This is because the selfie assumes that, through a photographic image of one’s external layers of flesh and hair, the visible projection of one’s fat, muscles, and skeletal configuration, one’s cosmetic and other physical modifications, and so forth, paired with the context of one’s surrounding environment (and the possible personal/ancestral history that a person is born into that can be seen), one can truly be show, or see, the “self.”

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