The Eightfold Path Of Yoga-Part 3: Limbs Five And Six | Pratyahara And Dharana

The Context of Your Reality Within Your Primary Locus Of Control

Freedom from the external pulls of the world is the only way to truly obtain liberation from suffering.

This is what limbs five and six of the Eightfold Path remind us of.

Liberation from your subconscious and unconscious impulses and attractions, and mastery over the power and function of your mind will allow you to gain greater mastery over your primary locus of control so that you can use it’s power for the specific aim of gaining greater connection to/with your higher Self/expression.

For some, this mastery may mean complete freedom from desire through complete elimination (like in most branches of Yoga), while for others, this freedom may mean complete control over desires as with the Tantric Path, for example. Regardless of the way one walks the path, however, it is the pull of desires, or rather being pulled/led/guided by them that we must gain control over in order to obtain the freedom that is required to create space within ourselves to fully embody our true nature. When we are not driven by lust, gluttony, greed, jealously, the need for attention, and so forth we are free to run our minds and senses as opposed to being run by the needs and illusions of the external world.

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