Why You Should Add Personalized Elements And Tools To Your Japa Practice (Video)

Please remember that your personalized Japa practice can be as complex, or as simple, as you want/need it to be.

The most important thing to remember when creating a ritual around your Japa routine (which will most likely be integrated into your simple embodiment at some point) is to make your ritual fit you; this will ensure that you are more likely to stick to your practice, and, therefore, obtain the maximum benefit from it.

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Week 22: Reflections On Developing Personal Connection With OM/AUM [Through Japa Practice] (Sutra 28)

“I invite you to think of your Japa practice as a ladder that connects you to your true self and the truth of your existence.

Every day, as you invoke the essence of your selected mantra into your body, mind, spirit, and being, picture yourself taking a step closer to merging with your truth and The Truth of your pure self with each intentional incantation of your selected invocation.

Know that one of the key elements to your successful engagement in Japa practice is to integrate your personalized mantra into a meaningful ritual that helps you to feel not only connected to the sound of your selected mantra itself, but also helps you to feel connected to the deep meaning that it expresses for maximum effect, as Patanjali advised in Sutra 28.”

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How To Understand What Yoga Really Is (Without Distortion) By Understanding The True Definition Of Karma

Yoga, as it is defined by function and purpose, is simply the practice and process of using a proven system of self-discovery to attain the highest state of consciousness that you (and all other human beings) are capable of attaining during the one life that you are manifested into your unique and personal human expression throughout all of time and history.

And this is important to note because your focus on the “one” (from which all emerged, and the one expression that you are born into) should always be at the center of your practice although your current atoms are repurposed from the atoms of decayed “others” from the past, and your body is created using passed on and rearranged DNA that connects you to common human ancestors (and also to all related species from the past, present, and future, to all living things going back to the first unicellular organism, and even back to the very first elements that formed cells and all materials that exist within the whole of creation to begin with as well).

Yoga operates on the premise that everything that has happened up until this point in your (individual historical) expression (if we observe the world from your perspective that is) has led up to this moment in which you exist based on the collective Karma (WHICH SIMPLY–AND NEUTRALLY–MEANS ACTIONS THAT HAVE A CAUSE AND EFFECT IN THE WORLD). Whether you are looking at the Karma of the Big Bang, the Karma of your cultural/historical context, or the Karma of something you did, said, or ate yesterday, Karma is not a judgment, or value, system. Karma is simply a word/process/phenomena that explains the interconnectedness of all things.

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