Week 6: Let Your Thoughts Be Your Guide

“If you really want to be selfish [for any reason, whether it is because you feel that you cannot help it, or just because you do not want to help it], be selfish in the idea of retaining your peace.”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Sutra (Thread) or Lesson 5: Vrttayah Pancatayyah Klistaklistah

Vrttayah: modifications/distortions | Pancatayyah: fivefold | Klista: painful | Aklistah: painless

All thoughts, which without a doubt start with you, come in two forms according to Patanjali in Sutra 5 of our lessons.

Thoughts are either selfish or selfless, and they have the effect of either creating pain or creating peace in ourselves and (then ultimately) in the world.

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