Hibiscus | Its Benefits and An Easy Triple Berry, Mango Recipe That Includes Hibiscus Tea

I am from the island of Jamaica, which means that the popular drink called Sorrel (not to be confused with the plant of the same name) is a holiday staple in my home. The drink is typically made with strongly brewed hibiscus flowers, ginger, sometimes lime, and is sweetened with sugar to preferred taste. It is also traditionally spiked with rum for the adults in the family.

During the holidays, particularly the Christmas holiday, Sorrel, is enjoyed on the same level as Egg-Nog by the young and the old alike in Jamaican households. Hibiscus, however, is not just for enjoyment during festive occasions. In my home, I typically have the flowers stored in dried form in my freezer by bulk, with some stored in my Tea Cabinet in a simple glass jar for fast brewing on a regular basis.

My go to recipe for a quick Sorrel-inspired Hibiscus Tea involves about 2 tablespoons of dried hibiscus flowers (I prefer whole as opposed to crushed flowers brewed in boiled distilled water) and ginger powder to taste, both of which I adjust up or down based on my mood on any particular day. I also sometimes add saffron and other fragrant herbs to my Hibiscus Teas as well, but ginger and hibiscus are my go-to flavors for this tangy brew based on my traditional tastes.

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