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Yoga Tip/Challenge # 15: Be sure That You Tap Into The Benefits Of Japa Practice

Chanting OM (AUM), or any other chosen mantra, for 5 minutes or more has a direct beneficial effect on your physiology, which in turn, also positively impacts your psychological state and overall wellbeing. Japa mantra recitation directly works to tone … Read MoreRead More

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Week 23: Check-In | Honoring Your Sankalpa/Commitment To Your Japa Practice

Spin it, flip it, and bake it how you like, but the fact of the matter is that commitment is required to achieve the true benefits of Yoga that you seek (the full version of the practice that encompasses all … Read MoreRead More

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Week 23: Moving From A Japa A Day to “Ajapa Japa” In Your Mantra Repetition Practice (Sutra 29)

“From this practice all the obstacles disappear and simultaneously dawns knowledge of the inner Self.” –The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Sutra (Thread) or Lesson 29: Tatah Pratyak Cetanadhigamo Pyantarayabhavasca Tatah: from this | Pratyak: inner | Cetana: self | Adhigamah (adhigamo): … Read MoreRead More

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