“I lived after my car accident…I was literally untouched by the incident physically…I stepped out of my car, after staring out in disbelief for a moment, without one single scratch on me.

A few days after the accident occurred, however, I, through my own thinking (or disposition at the time) touched something within me that started a cycle of karma (actions that have a cause and effect in the world) that allowed me to create self-inflicted pain in thoughts, words, and actions that led to suffering in my mind…which eventually led to suffering in my body through accumulated tension.

This, of course, was a normal physiological reaction to the threat of almost dying. But having walked away from the incident untouched, if I had been even a bit more prepared with solidity in the Truth that we just discussed, I could have simply allowed the experience to pass through my awareness, as I eventually did after some time, as opposed to attaching myself to the experience in a negative way for as long as I did.

This was an honest learning experience for me, especially in light of the fact that only good things paradoxically, and ultimately, came from that situation once I surrendered to what was unfolding instead of fighting against the grace that the event would open the space for me to accept within me regardless of what things looked like on the surface of my experience at the time (which was, as they say in patois, a bag of stress, just one BS unavoidably–now laughable– thing after another both leading up to and following the incident).

I created pain within me, I realized, from holding on to that impermanent event out of fear of death that did not occur for longer than I needed to have it because of falling into the ignorance of forgetting that I was untouched by the experience in more ways than one. It was only the remembrance and re-realization of the unchanging Truth that eventually broke the spell of karmic suffering that I created around the situation.

And this constant remembering, and beingness, is what keeps me free from the bondage of future suffering around this situation that now only exists in my memory (as long as I remain in awareness of the Truth of who I am and where I am currently).

The constant connection with our untouchable beingness beyond temporary form is what will keep us all free from the bondage of suffering and karma, because this awareness, in essence, is how karma is transcended. Awareness minimizes any harmful words, thoughts, and actions that result from our clinging to illusion in any way, both internally, and, by extension, externally.”

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