Week 21: The OM (AUM) Sound And Symbol In Yoga (Sutra 27)

“The word expressive of Isvara is the mystic sound OM [AUM].”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Sutra (Thread) or Lesson 27: Tasya Vacakah Pranavah

Tasya: of [Isvara] | Vacakah: word | Pranavah: mystic sound “OM”

OM/AUM, in Yoga, is a symbol, word, and sound that encompasses all of existence and also reflects the full expression of consciousness embodied in all forms from the tangible and impermanent to the very subtle and Absolute. OM/AUM “is a universal process that leads us from the grossest level of our being to the center of consciousness” (Swami Jnaneshvara). It is a “roadmap” to the center of consciousness that also reflects the goal of any true Yoga practice.

The symbol/word, and the sound, OM, can be generally broken down into four main parts that represent the four levels of being/self/consciousness as one moves from the grossest aspects of the self and the tangible form of the physical body to more subtle states of consciousness and being, and then ultimately to the Source/Absolute/stillness/emptiness (that is paradoxically also pregnant with potential) which can be merged with/into after achieving Asamprajnata Samadhi.

Three transitional states, in between each of the four states of consciousness represented by OM/AUM, exists in the symbol .*

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Yoga Tip/Challenge # 11: Use Your Breath To Relax Your Mind

Always remember that your breath has a direct connection to your nervous system, which is why a peaceful mind is connected to relaxed and conscious breathing.

When practicing your Yoga (any limb on your eightfold path), or just generally going about your day, check-in with yourself often to ensure that you are breathing deeply, fully, and with smooth, intentional focus and flow.

This awareness and intention will come in handy for self-regulation and for de-stressing in overwhelming situations. This intentional breathing pattern will also train your mind and body to become more synchronized, calm, and resilient over time as well.