Week 31: Check-in | Gaining Insight From Dreams [With Guided Yoga Nidra Exercise]

Since they help you to process insights, emotions, learning, information, and experience, dreams (as we discussed at the beginning of this week) can be incredibly useful tools for creating positive change in your life and in yourself. And, because the … Read MoreRead More

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Week 29: Focusing On The Blissful Light Within (Sutra 36)

“Or by concentrating on the supreme, ever-blissful Light within [you can create steadiness of the mind and remove mental obstacles and their accompaniments].“ –The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Visoka Va Jyotismati Visoka: blissful (sorrow-less) | Va: or | Jyotismati: the … Read MoreRead More

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Week 27: The Breath-Mind Connection (Sutra 34)

“Or that calm is retained by the correct exhalation or retention of the breath.” –The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Pracchardanvidharanabhyam Va Pranasya Pracchardana: exhale, expulsion | Vidharana: retention (abhyam: by these two) | Va: or | Pranasya: of the breath … Read MoreRead More

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