Yoga Tip/Challenge # 15: Be sure That You Tap Into The Benefits Of Japa Practice

Chanting OM (AUM), or any other chosen mantra, for 5 minutes or more has a direct beneficial effect on your physiology, which in turn, also positively impacts your psychological state and overall wellbeing.

Japa mantra recitation directly works to tone and strengthen your Vagus nerve, which plays an essential role in regulating your mood, speech, digestion, anti-inflammatory response, heart rate, and many other key functions in your body.

On your road to Self-Realization, continued Japa practice, directly and indirectly, works to create the harmonious and peaceful internal environment that is needed to better connect with higher states of consciousness in more ways than one. It is highly recommended that if you do not already participate in a persona Japa routine, that you start, even a short one, today.

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Yoga Tip/Challenge # 14: Always Check Your Biases

Having discernment is key to gaining and maintaining understanding in Yoga and life.

Unless something has been proven as fact through extensive research, direct neutral experience, and unbiased observation, what you believe is an assumption/hypothesis at the very least or a strong unfounded opinion/belief that has its roots in conditioned popular thought or pseudo-scientific assertion that is subject to the shifting of time and perspective at its worst.

It is important to know the difference between unchanging truth/fact and fiction or biased fantasy while navigating through life, and Yoga, so that you do not adopt prejudices and opinions that cause harm to others or yourself.

Having neutral, scientific discernment is required for holding undistorted knowledge that is free from the consequences of negative karma (thoughts, words, and actions that affect the world). This will keep you free from falsification that prevents you from truly comprehending and seeing what is beyond your ego.

Correct, undistorted, seeing will allow you to most effectively walk your path in truth.