How The Truth, In Yoga, Sets You Free

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I Am: Eternally Free | The Same While Everything Around And Within Me Changes

Appearances. They change. They come and go and are always different. They can be transformed/changed (with time, perspective, and/or with knowledge/facts, among other things, for example). And they are not Real. This is their nature. And, by definition, what appearances are.

According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition, appearances/appearance can be defined in three ways:

  1. The act or an instance of coming into sight.
  2. The act or an instance of coming into public view.
  3. Outward aspect.

Appearance, by a forth definition, is also an illusion in which one thing seems to be something, a certain way, etc., but is not (at all, or indefinitely).

With appearances, things show up for a while and then they disappear (pass from view, fade out of existence and/or awareness), or, things are perceived to be what they are not, or, perceived in a way that is inevitable subject to change at any time based on a variety of different factors. And this applies to everything that can be seen/cognized in reality.

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“None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds”

Liberate Yourself From The Agony Caused By Toxic Influences That Maintain And Perpetuate Destructive Delusions In The World

Disconnection from one’s higher Self/expression and from the Truth is the root of all evil and ongoing Karmic entanglement in the world.

“Don’t believe me? Just watch” the world and the collective behavioral manifestations of its people…or better, yet, if/when you experience suffering of any kind (different from normal emotional signals/sensations in and of themselves), just watch your own mind.

Before I dive more deeply into why this is important to remember, however, let’s start with some foundational definitions that will guide our exploration today:

Appropriate Definitions To Know Before Moving Forward (From The Merriam Webster Dictionary)

  1. Evil– “morally reprehensible,” “causing harm,” or “something that brings sorrow, distress, or calamity”
  2. Moral– “of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior…ethical”
  3. Good– “being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper,” or “conforming to facts or truth”
  4. Right “conforming to facts or truth CORRECT
  5. Wrong– “an injurious, unfair, or unjust act action or conduct inflicting harm without due provocation or just cause,” or “something…immoral, or unethical”
  6. MORALETHICALVIRTUOUSRIGHTEOUSNOBLE mean conforming to a standard of what is right and good.”
  7. Conform– “to act in accordance with prevailing standards or customs”
  8. Truth– “…real things, events, and facts ACTUALITY” [Yogic translation: sat-that which is (grounded in the Absolute–not relative or changing/changeable based on personal ego-perspective–Reality)]

Now that you have read the list, you may be asking: what is the point of defining these seemingly common words? After all, you surely know what all of these things mean, right?

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Story-Time And The Yoga Sutras | Story 1: The Empty Cup | Podcast Episode 83 [Excerpt]

“This parable, which I…added some color and detail to that I hope you enjoyed, is often told to emphasize the point that if you want to learn something new, you must first be open-minded and willing to let go of your already solidified preconceived notions…but, Beautiful Creators, let’s dive a little deeper than that today.”

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Back To Love | “Back To Reality…Back To The Here And Now…Yeah…es”

Or…How To “Get Yourself Together,” Snap Out Of The Illusion, And Break Your Karmic Bondage

If you look at existence itself, not even it’s Absolute expression, but simply its manifested form, as one…in the same way that you can see/understand how trillions of cells make up an entire body as one unit, or celestial bodies make up entire galaxies as one cosmic container, or galaxies make up universes as one expression–and so on and so forth (from the very macro to micro levels of manifestation)–it is easy to see how “ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and clinging to bodily life” (Sutra 2.3) are “poisons” that kill understanding and connection to the eternal, all-pervasive, ever-present, unchanging, Awareness (that is all that is), and how, by coming into the Truth of the Self, any given being attains “eternal life,” unbounded joy, and Liberation.

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When You Get That Feelin’, You Need Spiritual Healin’

The Facts: There Are No Blanket Behavioral Responses To Trauma, Toxic Stress, And/Or Adversity

Though the initial autonomic reaction of hyperinflammatory defense (that causes fight, flight, freeze, etc) is common amongst all who experience trauma, different people experience different things that cause trauma, and, these different people, with their different traumas, go through (and respond to) their different traumas differently.

Healing, however, always comes with body-mind alignment.

And transcendence comes through spiritual integration and/or understanding.

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You Are Manifested As A Social Being | Avoid Reducing Yourself To A Social Animal

You Are Manifested As A Social Being Connected To All In/Of Existence; Do Not Reduce Yourself (or Your Self) To A Social Animal, Dependent On, Or Desperate For, Others To Fulfill Your Inner Needs

If healthy connection with other people is not available to you based on the current context of your life and/or your social environment/situation, DO NOT force any connection, because, obviously, that connection will not be healthy. A healthy and happy human being is one who is purely connected, but, contrary to popular belief, this connection does not have to be to another person, or people.

The purest connection that any human being can have in his/her life is a connection with her/his True Self and the higher, formless, eternally present, all-pervasive, all-encompassing, being that some call God, and others call Spirit (among other labels).

Your highest potential connection in life is not with/to any ego body-mind…It is through connecting to all that you are, intrinsically connected to all that is, which automatically includes all people. But “other” people are not the point.

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Building Resilience After Trauma: Important Ways With Yoga And Meditation

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is not a disease, a deficiency, nor an event. Even though Trauma is accompanied, and identified, by body-mind dis-ease (or dysregulation), that may be triggered by an event, or a series of (unfortunate) events, Trauma responses are, simply, the body-mind’s normal attempt to regain homeostasis, and resilience, after intense shock to one’s “system.” Trauma responses are, paradoxically, psychophysical protective responses that occur when one exceeds his/her normal manageable capacity for stress, which causes a deterioration, and/or loss, in that person’s sense of safety and security in personally meaningful ways. This sense of loss of safety and security, which is unique for all impacted individuals, can, generally be seen as manifesting in the form of grieving the loss of a certain level of manageable and/or regulatable comfort/familiarity in one’s body-mind, external environment, way of being, and/or “identity” in the world.

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Your Greatest Aim In Life | Goals, Resolutions, And Liberation

You have probably already heard the saying that “you were not born to eat, sleep, work, and then die,” or something like that.

And yet, when people think about goal-setting, even in their Yoga practice, they often (no matter how lofty their goal may appear to be) reduce their aims to the gratification of body-mind-ego desires that bind their life-force energy to fleeting objects and sensations in the world so that they can eat, sleep, and work better at being slaves to their body-mind-ego complexes and to the illusions of Maya…and then die.

Don’t feel bad if this describes any resolutions/goals that you have set for yourself, however, since this is just a part of the human conditioning that you are “working” to clear away through deeper engagement with your Sadhana over time.

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You Are Never Not Your Self: Divine Love Manifested

You are Pure Divine Love manifested. And this Love, alone, is more than sufficient for providing “you” with all that is wanted and “needed” in this world. Your Love, alone, expressed unconditionally to yourself, and extended out to the greater Self that is existence itself, without attachment or expectation, represents, and purely reflects who you Truly are.

You, alone, are more than enough to give yourself all that you need. Nothing else compares.

A billion followers, “friends,” or anything else (even those claiming to “love” what you represent to/for their ego within the illusions of Maya), for example, can never have as much power to heal, transform, uplift, strengthen, enlighten, fulfill, and/or sustain “you” as tapping into the pure and infinite well spring of True Love within you/your Self that makes all things possible.

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